iPhone Tips

​TIP 1 - RECHARGE YOUR BATTERY BY SWITCHING TO AIRPLANE MODE ​Switching to airplane mode turns off battery draing wireless and cellular access, allowing your phone to charge twice as fast
TIP 2 - VOLUME BUTTONS TO TAKE PICTURES To turn the magnifier on, go to Settings>General>Accessibility>Magnifier and switch it on. Now when you need it, you can quickly access by triple clicking the home button
​TIP 3 - USE THE PHONE AS A LEVEL As long as the camera app is open, you can use the volume buttons to take photos

TIP 4 - DISPLAY AUTOMATICALLY TURN ON WHEN YOU PICK UP If you have a 6S, SE, 7 or 8 go to Settings>Display and brightness>Rise to wake
​TIP 5 - LAUNCH CAMERA FASTER A single swipe to the left will get you straight into the camera where you can start taking pictures straight away
​TIP 6 - STOP MUSIC WITH A TIMER Listening to music when going to bed? You can use a timer to help you switch of the music.Tap on Clock>Timer>When timer ends. Scroll down and tap Stop playing, then set a timer and tap start
​TIP 7 - USE HEADPHONE CORD TO TAKE PICTURES To take a photo use the up and down button on your headphones when taking a picture
​TIP 8 - SEE WHICH APP DRAINS THE MOST BATTERY Want to know why your iPhone battery is draining quicker than usual. Go to Settings>General>Usage>Battery usage. This will tell you whats apps are using the most battery power.
TIP 9 - SEE EVERYWHERE YOU HAVE BEEN Your iPhone tracks everywhere you have been. Go to Settings>Privacy>Location services>System services. Then scroll to the bottom and select Frequent Locations and look at the history section

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